Friday, March 8, 2013

Saturday Booth Patrol

Please join us Saturday, March 9 at Rose Park (26th Street NW and P Street NW) to hang more flyers around the last sighting area and get the word out to FIND BOOTH. The flyers are working!

If you have packing/duct tape or a staple gun that would be a tremendous help! We will plan to canvass the area in and around Rose Park, Oak Hill, and Dupont Circle.

If you plan to come, please feel free to email or text me!

The flyers are working!

I have been getting calls today... some were false alarms, but two were confirmed sightings. One from Tuesday night along Massachusetts Ave NW and the other from this morning... which, quite honestly, made my day! I could not tell you how thrilled I was to hear Amy tell me she spotted Booth in Rock Creek Park. My whole family was elated!

We had another busy afternoon. I feel like this is so overwhelming at times, but the call from Amy made it worthwhile a million times over. We just got back in from working to find Booth. Derby, Andrea C, Dena O, Deb V, and myself all covered area around Rose Park with flyers.

Christy R and Pauline H also did some searching along with so many others hitting the trail to try and spot Booth.

We hung hundreds of flyers, talk to quite a few folks. In addition, Derby and I went along the path to leave scent strips, food, and lots of Derby fur for Booth to find tonight.

I also bought some fried chicken and made a little Booth salad with kibble to take by the trail tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, we are heading out again! If you would like to join us, meet at Rose Park (26th St NW and P St NW) at 3pm to post flyers and get the word out. We need to canvass the entire Dupont to Georgetown area. I will post details.

Thank you all and goodnight,
Kristi and Derby

Didn't spot him, but trying again

I, along with 5 others went over to Rock Creek Park at Q Street for about 2.5 hours. 

We did not spot him, but I feel so positive that he was seen. 

Heading out tonight to post flyers and leave scent strips (from my bed sheet) in that area. If you want to help, please meet at Rose Park on P Street in Dupont at 5:30pm. Feel free to email or call me.  



Booth was seen in Rock Creek Park on the path near 27th and Q Streets! He is heading south on the path toward P Street Bridge. If anyone is close by, please take treats and try to coax him to come to you!


A way to help

As you might imagine, I am incredibly overwhelmed by all that still needs to be done.  My mom took on the task of calling all the veterinarians in DC, friends are visiting shelters (but I could use more help monitoring the shelters), people are looking when they are out near the parks, etc. Please continue to offer help! If you have ideas, I am open.

One thing that seems to be easy for most is posting flyers. I have received many gracious offers from strangers and friends to post flyers around their neighborhoods. This means so much!

If you have time and would like to post Booth's flyer around DC, I am including a link below to the poster. Here's what it looks like, and the link to pick up your own copy is below.


Another story about Booth

Thank you Borderstan for posting a story about Booth today:

And, Nina for suggesting to contact them!

Another thank you...

I woke up this morning and was so sad I didn't thank Alexis Chappell. Alexis immediately went out to look for Booth Tuesday night. She managed to stop a police officer who then went to Friendship Animal Hospital to make copies of Booth's photo to pass out.

Alexis and Fozzie (her dog) also walked Wednesday looking and calling for Booth as well as helping me find places to call and let them know Booth was out there. THANK YOU ALEXIS!!!