Friday, March 8, 2013

The flyers are working!

I have been getting calls today... some were false alarms, but two were confirmed sightings. One from Tuesday night along Massachusetts Ave NW and the other from this morning... which, quite honestly, made my day! I could not tell you how thrilled I was to hear Amy tell me she spotted Booth in Rock Creek Park. My whole family was elated!

We had another busy afternoon. I feel like this is so overwhelming at times, but the call from Amy made it worthwhile a million times over. We just got back in from working to find Booth. Derby, Andrea C, Dena O, Deb V, and myself all covered area around Rose Park with flyers.

Christy R and Pauline H also did some searching along with so many others hitting the trail to try and spot Booth.

We hung hundreds of flyers, talk to quite a few folks. In addition, Derby and I went along the path to leave scent strips, food, and lots of Derby fur for Booth to find tonight.

I also bought some fried chicken and made a little Booth salad with kibble to take by the trail tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, we are heading out again! If you would like to join us, meet at Rose Park (26th St NW and P St NW) at 3pm to post flyers and get the word out. We need to canvass the entire Dupont to Georgetown area. I will post details.

Thank you all and goodnight,
Kristi and Derby


  1. Have you tried calling a dog tracker? We found our dog in Gunpowder At Park with the help of a tracker.

  2. Yes, I have talked to two. I am hoping one will be able to come out today. I called Ann at Dogs Tracking Dogs immediately when we got the sighting yesterday. Last night, I laid scent strips, left food, and brushed my other dog, Derby, to try and allure Booth back to that area. I will post the dog tracker experience, hopefully later today.