Wednesday, March 13, 2013

After the adventure

We went to the vet yesterday and I am happy to report Booth is doing very well! No signs of parasites, so he much have been a picky eater on his adventure. He did pick up a few ticks and we will be monitoring him for tick borne illnesses over the next few months. 

We got the microchip and the little guy didn't even flinch! 

Booth went on his first walk with DogCentric walker, Jessi, Monday. She reported that he did a great job! Jessi walked him with two leashes for good measure, and it appears he is not interested in running anymore. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thank you, Georgetown Patch

Thank you, Georgetown Patch and Shaun!

Booth is a celebrity around Glover Park and beyond

Booth is a celebrity! Not only is he being recognized right and left in our neighborhood, he is on other blogs!

Thanks, Nancy, for all your help!

What's next?

Microchips and GPS collars all around to celebrate. And, a quick trip to the vet to see what Booth had been eating while he was out.

Booth FOUND!

At 7am this morning, Matt called me after seeing one of the flyers to say he spotted a dog that looked like Booth in the Mt Zion cemetery on 27th and Q Streets NW. I immediately went down with Derby to check it out. We walked the cemetery perimeter for about 30 minutes, leaving scent strips and the fried chicken and kibble special salad. No sighting for me.

At 8:30am, my friend and I ran back down to the cemetery meeting another friend, John M, who came to look for Booth. We dropped more scent strips and more special salad. But, no sighting. Another stranger, Krishna, showed up and offered to continue to keep an eye out.

My friend, Andrea C, and I went for a run on the Mall with another friend, Katie M. At 10am, I started receiving phone calls. First, from a woman whose friend was at the cemetery and so was Booth. Then, a man called saying there was a dog at the cemetery that matched the flyer. And, a third call. All from the flyers!

I told him not to chase Booth, but just watch and try to keep him in the area. I was on my way!

Andrea, Katie, and I jumped into a cab at the Lincoln Memorial and told the cab driver all about it. Because I was out running, I didn't have any food. Andrea had Honeystringer gummy chews so I put them in the ziplock bag the special salad was in. Katie paid the cab, and I briskly walked toward the cemetery from Q Street NW.

When I got there, a number of people were gathered near the fence that separates the Mt Zion cemetery from Oak Hill Cemetery. THEY HAD CAUGHT BOOTH! With the help of their little dog, the group of awesome strangers had circled Booth and got him against a fence. One man stepped on his leash and that was it! We walked home and are now getting back into normal.

You would never know Booth had his little adventure as he pranced up Wisconsin Ave. There were a few people that recognized him and cheered! He is no worse for the wear, and I fear enjoyed his few days of adventure in Rock Creek Park.

Thank you to everyone that offered support, put up flyers, got the word out, sent tips, went searching for Booth, and just generally cared about this little guy. We will head to the vet next week to make sure everything is a-ok, and will be doing a good brushing this afternoon. Right now, he is wrestling with Derby, eating, and generally being a happy little dog.

Kristi, Booth, and Derby

No luck :(

No luck... Andrea C and I are headed back down in a few minutes to run through and take more food.

Paula A and John M are posting flyers at 11am.

Myself and others are posting at 3pm.

Fingers (and paws) crossed!


New Sighting --- Right NOW!!!!

Matt, who saw a flyer, saw Booth in Mt Zion graveyard heading in the direction of RCP this morning at 6:45am.