Thursday, March 7, 2013

Booth is Missing!

At 7pm, March 5, 2013, Booth bolted while on a walk in our Glover Park neighborhood. I pursued him for about 2 miles in circles before losing sight of him a New Mexico Ave NW and 42nd St NW. I managed to stay about half a block behind him, then other people started helping me. Unfortunately, they chased him and he ran faster.

Sightings by others on March 5, 2013: At 7:30pm, someone spotted him on Foxhall at 7:30pm running toward Georgetown. Then, a few other people reported him at Cathedral and New Mexico Ave NW at 8pm. There was also a report that he may have been on Klingle and/or 44th Street in that area. Finally, someone said they spotted a black dog at 8:30pm or so on Observatory and Massachusetts Ave NW.

I have only had Booth for 2 weeks. He came from Kentucky, so he is very new to the areas. Booth is a tri color Sheltie, black with tan and white markings. He has a broken white collar on his right shoulder.

Booth is about 14 inches tall and 17 pounds. He was wearing a leash and harness! He did not have tags or a microchip.
Booth is 2 years old and very timid. He will run from you, so you have to approach very slowly. DO NOT CHASE! The best way to get him to come is by kneeling down and lightly tapping your hand to your leg.

If you see Booth, DO NOT CHASE! Contact 859-608-8002 or email immediately. Spread the word to help find Booth!

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